Helicopter Flights

If your flight to the Berkeley Rive Lodge whets your appetite for more aerial adventures,

we will happily take you to the skies in our luxurious Bell 407 helicopter to discover natural treasures hidden deep within one of the last true wilderness areas on Earth.

Ultimate Kimberley Adventure

A unique opportunity exists to be among the fortunate few to enter some of the greatest galleries of rock art in the world. The journey will take us coastal before heading inland across some true Kimberley country where we will land and take some time to tour these galleries. Our next destination is one of the most majestic waterfalls in the region the King George Falls. Ascending above the falls, take the opportunity to capture some aerial shots of this beautiful destination. As we journey to the mouth of the river, be amazed at how millions of years of erosion have carved the deep gorge, which embraces this river guiding it to the sea. Keep an eye out in search of jabiru, turtles, crocodile and you may even encounter a rare glimpse of an elusive dugong. Our next port of call will have us landing right next to a picturesque waterhole, enjoy a refreshing swim and a cold beverage while cooling off from the Kimberley sun.

Mt Casuarina Rock Cairn Adventure

For all the history buffs, join us on an adventure up the hill. We will take to the sky and follow the Berkeley River inland, which Price Conigrave explored and named back in 1911. From the vantage point of the helicopter it’s easy to envisage the struggles and challenges they may have encountered along the way as a birds eye view reveals the unforgiving gorges and terrain below. Over a 100 years ago, the party made camp at the foot of the mountain and penned a letter describing their journey. Landing on the summit of Mt Casuarina we will take a walk to the rock Cairn that houses that very letter.

Waterfall Adventure

On our way to the thundering Mitchell Falls, watch closely as the landscape changes from grassy plains to dramatic rock formations and pockets of lush rainforest dotted with ancient Livistonia palms. Touching down at the top of Mitchell Falls, you can explore this natural wonder as the spray from the falls gently cools your face. With a gourmet hamper in hand, we’ll then whisk you away for a special wilderness picnic before heading back to the coast to take in the spectacle of the famous King George Falls.

Kimberley Sunset

Treat yourself to an experience that will last in your memories forever. Top off a great day in the Kimberley enjoying your favourite beverage on top of Mt Casuarina. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show. Watch the sky, water and the landscape evolve through a kaleidoscope of colours as the sun sinks low on another wonderful day in the Kimberley. This is truly a humbling experience.

Recreational Heli Fishing

Having your own private helicopter available will put you in the heart of the Kimberleys best Barra fishing. Imagine daybreak and you have just landed on a stretch of water that is not accessible without a helicopter......The water is like a mirror, except for swirls as big Barra chase bait fish right in front of you.... by now you are fumbling with adrenaline as you try to snap that lure on for the first cast.... this is what the Kimberley is all about, big fish, remote waters and the most picturesque backdrop a fisherman could ask for.

All heli fishing is fully guided and rods supplied as well as tuition on casting and landing that big barra if required.

Ancient Rock Art

Be among the fortunate few to enter one of the greatest galleries of ancient rock art in the world. Created by one of the oldest surviving cultures on Earth, the Bradshaw Paintings are believed to be up to 60,000 years old (five times older than the Egyptian pyramids).

Wilderness Picnics

Join a group or escape with that special someone for a picnic lunch beside a secluded palm-fringed waterhole or the majestic Mount Casuarina. All hampers are prepared by our renowned chef, and you’ll have plenty of time to relax and drink in the tranquility with a glass or two of something cool and refreshing.

Kimberley Wetland Adventure

The Kimberley is renowned for its coastal wetlands which are home to an abundance of aquatic birds. From the vantage point of the helicopter you will get a ‘birds eye’ view of this amazing habitat before landing on the grassy plains. Look out for the jabiru, sea eagles soaring overhead, heron, ibis, brolga and magpie geese.


Truenorth Helicopters also offers a number of transfers to and from the resort to various locations. All flights can be altered and custom designed to fit your itinerary.

  • Please complete and return the attached Expression of Interest Form for your helicopter booking.
  • Please note all helicopter flights are priced on a Shared Charter basis.
  • Private Charter excursions can only be guaranteed with the purchase of 6 seats per excursion. Helicopter excursion itineraries are confirmed on arrival at The Lodge.

Payment is to be made direct to True North Helicopters on completion of the helicopter excursion. Prepayment is only accepted for Private Charter excursions.

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